Spine Injuries and Workers Comp

At the conclusion of your case, we may be able to obtain a lifetime award of medical care for you.

As of January 1, 2005, the rules regarding medical care are changing significantly. You may be forced into an employer provided medial network. This law will apply to all dates of injury as of January 1, 2005. In addition, as of April 19, 2004, your employer has vastly increased rights to deny you medical care. There are new procedures called utilization review and ACOEM guidelines that the insurance industry is using to deny many requests for medical care. Our ability to circumvent these denials is limited under current law.

Property Insurance Claims Must be Sorted Out

The legislature has not taken action, which means residents of Florida won’t get property insurance relief this year. The inaction stems from a debate about how the state should respond to non-emergency water damage claims from insurers. Generally, the issue relates to the assignment of benefits, which occurs when homeowners give contractors authority to negotiate insurance claims for them. This is a regular occurrence with health insurance and usually doesn’t result in issues.

However, with homeowner coverage, insurers report that the system is frequently abused for claims that have nothing to do with emergency-related water damages. Contractors hire lawyers and then benefits are fraudulently charged. The insurance industry claims that contractors overbill and then the carrier denies the claim. Contractors, in turn, have lawyers sue, resulting in the carrier settling and overpaying. This ends up with insurance companies raising their rates to compensate. Connect with a New Jersey spine surgeon to determine if you have a workers comp case.

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