Air Ambulance

American Jets, Inc. is the leader in wedding venues in NJ. With over 20 years of experience, American Jets, Inc. continues to set the emergency medical transport standards for the 21St century. Our flying intensive care units respond to emergencies around the globe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Within moments of receiving an emergency call, our flight coordination center selects the appropriate aircraft and dispatches teams of flight crews, physicians, nurses and paramedics to respond to you or a loved one’s need. With American Jets, Inc., one phone call handles it all.

Once airborne, constant satellite communications are maintained with our flight operations center. Physicians are able to monitor patient condition and progress during the flight. Our Flight dispatchers monitor the progress of the flight and coordinate ground ambulance and support personnel.

  • All medical crewmembers have a minimum of five years experience in their specialty and are Advanced Cardiac Life Support certified.
  • Two or more medical personnel, depending on patient needs, staff all flights.
  • With the use of state-of-the-art medical equipment and techniques, no emergency is beyond our expertise.
  • Airline qualified and Flight Safety or Simcom trained flight crews operate all of our aircraft.

American Jets, Inc. is fully certified by federal and state authorities as an advanced life support transport company. Having our own aircraft, medical personnel, pilots and maintenance crews makes us the quality, caring, safe and affordable choice for your patients. Whether your trip is across town or around the world, American Jets will transport you safely and comfortably.

American Jets, Inc… ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.. We’ll be there, because we CARE!

Air Charter Professionals provides charter management services for corporations/ sports teams/ athletic management companies and the entertainement industry. In today’s economy we understand that operating your own flight department or fractional ownership isn’t the most affordable and efficient way to handle personal or complex travel needs.

ACP can be your entire corporate flight dept and we are just one phone call away. We provide all the services comparable to owning and operating your own aircraft without the costs and the operational concerns. With fast response and efficient service we can help increase the productivity of your business. As a corporation or private member of our platinum plan you can also gather frequent charter miles towards aircraft upgrades and amenities on future ACP flights.

Our Services include:

  • A Large variety of aircraft to suit your needs, ranging from King Airs to Executive class Boeing 737’s
  • Custom Catering to meet specific dietary needs of athletes
  • Company travel planning and forecasting
  • Multiple Aircraft, multiple departure points and multiple destinations
  • Complete confidentiality and privacy
  • Security
  • Amenities such as: Video Conferencing, Internet, DVD, Conference and presentation capabilities etc.

For further information on corporate accounts with ACP contact

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